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Merging files from backup

Question asked by OwenKorn on Oct 3, 2014
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Merging files from backup


We recently had a computer hard drive crash at work.  That computer was where all of our FilemakerPro documents were stored.  The computer had last backed up to an external hard drive on a Sunday, and the drive crashed on Thursday.  We took the external drive and plugged into another computer and began making new entries from there while the other computer was being fixed.  We now have the computer back and the documents were recovered from the damaged drive, but I need to figure out how to merge the databases.  I think it I can import them, but I'd rather not have 12000 duplicates in the process.  Is there a way to import only the files which were created between Sunday and Thursday, with those that were added to the backup version while the computer was being repaired? I would like to either go that direction, or take the files that were created while the computer was being repaired and add them to the recovered set.  Any help would be appreciated, as I'm no Pro here.