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Merging files, scripts, tables, and layouts

Question asked by daveslc on Jan 14, 2010
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Merging files, scripts, tables, and layouts


I have 2 files that I would like to merge and preserve scripts, tables, and layouts.  I don't want to have to rewrite a bunch of scripts and recreate a bunch of layouts.


One is the filemaker email campaign starter solution. The second is the address book manipulator demo file (  Both files have lots of scripts and layouts.  The two files both both manage contacts, but use different field names (company and company name for example).


My desire is to utilize the filemaker email script along with the address book manipulator scripts and maintain interactivity with address book, but use the same contact data for both.


The tough part is that filemaker::contacts and ABM::contacts need to be merged (preferably) or synced so that each script works, particularly the ABM sync with address book.


I can copy all of the fields from one table to the other, but I can't reconcile the tables to the scripts and layouts.  Where there are two similar field names (company and company name), I would like to eliminate one in the 'merged' table so as to not repeat the field.


When I merge one table, rename, and delete the old, I get lots of 'table missing' errors in the layouts and scripts.  


Is there a way to 'trick' filemaker so that the scripts reference the merged table with renamed field names?