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    Merging layout changes?



      Merging layout changes?




      I am using FileMaker 12.  Client has asked for changes to layout, including addition of fields, value lists, etc.  Is there a way for me to develop these offline and then merge them with the client's currently being used database without either making the changes on their database live or re-importing all the data into my copy of the changed database?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered!

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          Not really. You might consider using the Convert to Seperation Model method to minimize the need for imports. With that method, you have two files--one holds the data and the other the interface. When you change the interface file, you can send the new copy to the user and they replace the old copy with the new and do not need to import any data.

          When importing data can't be avoided, it can be scripted so that all the client does is click a button, select a copy of the old version of the file from which to import the data and then the script does the rest.