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Merging multiple Fields to one Field

Question asked by Lestiege on Jul 18, 2013
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Merging multiple Fields to one Field


     I want to be able to merge options from multiple fields into one field.  For example, I have four separate fields (each with a dropdown menu with multiple options) and I want to be able to make the fifth field a combination of the four fields options  based on how I select the options for each of the four fields. 

     For example, if I have "field 1" with the drop down menu options a b c d

     "field 2" drop down menu options e f g h

     "field 3" drop down menu options i j k l

     "field 4" drop down menu options m n o p

     When I select "a" under field one, "e" under field two, "i" under field three, and "m" under field four, I want field 5 to automatically say "aeim"

     Is there a possbile way to achieve this? Any help is appreciated!!!