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Merging paragraphs in letters

Question asked by wcm on May 5, 2010
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Merging paragraphs in letters


Another Newbie question –  using Filemaker 10.  I want to generate letters whose content (essentially 1 paragraph & 1 bulleted item) will vary according to the combination of values selected on a checklist.  At this point there are just 5 different combinations.   Short of creating 5 different letters (layouts) what is the best way approach?  -- how to insert/merge the appropriate paragraph (which sometimes will exceed 255 characters)? – How do I call up and where do I store the text?     

Also -- Occasionally the letters will call for the user to do a little customizing, e.g., deleting a line that does not apply.  I don’t see any way to do this if the letter is basically a layout with merge fields.  Solution?  Finally, would I be better off leaving my letters as Word documents and exporting the fields?  (This solution seems to be cumbersome – I would prefer to have everything in Filemaker.)