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Merging Records

Question asked by Sendnot on Mar 27, 2009
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Merging Records


I'm constructing a database using .csv data from an outside source. The goal of this database is to average test scores of students, then flag those who are in danger of failing their course(s). When I import the .csv file, I end up with 8 records per student, like this:


Grade Student# LName FName Score Term Course

06 00001 Learner Larry 85 1 English

06 00001 Learner Larry 83 2 English  

06 00001 Learner Larry 76 1 Math  

06 00001 Learner Larry 78 2 Math   

06 00001 Learner Larry 88 1 Social Studies

06 00001 Learner Larry 84 2 Social Studies 




What I'd like to do is to have one record per student and then the scores in a field like EnglishTerm1, EnglishTerm2, MathTerm1, MathTerm2, etc... but if someone has a better method of achieving my goal of being able to print out a list of students whose average scores fall below 70 in any of the test categories, I'd be very appreciative!


Also, the average must take into account that if there are scores with non-numeric or blank values, then those values won't affect the average.


Thank you-