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Merging Two Database Files

Question asked by joelande on Jan 17, 2014
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Merging Two Database Files


     I have two database files.

     Each file contains numerous databases, records, layouts, scripts, and relationships, value lists, etc.

     The two files also have (external file) relationships linking databases between each other.

     I would like to merge the two files together, creating a single, unified database solution in a single file that includes all of the databases, layouts, scripts, etc.

     What is the best method for doing this?


     I know I could import the data, but that leaves the layouts and scripts behind for me to somehow copy manually, and then I would also have to re-link the fields on the layouts and the the buttons to the scripts.

     Is there anyway to merge the to files together with minimal work?

     I assume at a minimum I may have to rebuild the relationships that used to link the databases between the two files, but that would be a minimal amount of work (and I am hoping that after the old external relationships are re-linked to the new internal databases, the fields on the layouts will "find" themselves again and kind of "self-heal"...)