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Merging Two Table Occurrence Groups?

Question asked by eric on Jan 16, 2014
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Merging Two Table Occurrence Groups?


Suppose you have two unrelated table occurrence groups:
TOG1 with table occurrences  T1 = A1 = B1 and
TOG2 with table occurrences  T2 = C2 etc.
Without breaking layouts etc. based on TOG1 or TOG2,
how do I merge the two occurrences so that T2 = A1 = B1 and T2 = C2 etc.,
effectively replacing T1 with T2 in TOG1?
     Is there some order of table occurrence renaming and relationship deletion and creation that will keep all the table field reference intact throughout the file?

Right now I've connected the two table occurrences together and I'm using the DDR to help manually replace every occurrence of "T1" with "T2" in every layout and script. Is there a faster way?