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Message Box on IWP

Question asked by anicolais on Aug 12, 2009
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Message Box on IWP


I know there is a delete record button on the side of the IWP screen but I was asked if I could make a button for this on the layout to make it easier for the reps...yea i kno....but anyways!! When I make this button it deletes the record instantly without asking the user if they are sure if they want to delete the record. This makes me nervous because it is right by the other buttons that the users will be clicking all the time. Is there a way to display a message like it does when you click the default delete record button "Are you sure: Yes or No." I try to use a message box but I dont think they work in IWP because none of mine show in IWP after I make them. I oculd be wrong but is there an alternative to this or any other thing I can do to display a confirmaiton message?


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