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    message over network?



      message over network?


      Anyone who can tell me how to make a script that causes a popup on another computer in a network?

      I have one database in our network open, four different accounts are logged in. And now I need to make a script that can show a specific message on one of the computers depending on which account i logged in remotly.

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             You can use the user name by setting a start up scrip to run every time the database is open. I have not done but it can be done that way. Just remember that the message will always be pop up for that user all the time because the script is running when the database is open by the user. 
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            That is not really what I meant. I mean that if I. for example. make a new record then there would come a popup, or a message, on the display of an other computer running the same database/fmpro file. But not for all four accounts/computers, only for one specific. Could be depending on account name (login name) or an IP-address...

            I use FmPro 8.5, and the file is operated remotly by four accounts/users.

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              Thank you for your post.


              It sounds like you want an Instant Message sent to another user.  Although FileMaker Pro does not have this ability, here is what you can do:


              Create a Global text field, "DisplayText".  Have this on a layout that only a specific login name has access to (or limited to).  Depending on your script for adding a record, you could use a Set Field command to enter information into the Global field, thereby displaying the data on the layout for the specific person to view.  This way, you wouldn't have to check to see if the user was logged in.



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