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Messages sent are stuck in Outlook

Question asked by kunaaldesai on Aug 21, 2009
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Messages sent are stuck in Outlook


Hey guys, I developed an application in Filemaker Pro which uses Outlook as an email sender. Now, it has been workign fine since now but now it has started acting finicky and whatever messsags I send through Filmaker pro are not handled properly. Some of them are sent after 15 minutes and some of them are stuck in outbox. I am not sure why Outlook is acting this bad. I did read article from Microsoft about Outlook Outbox trouble shooting and I made sure that my option of " Send message immediately " is selected. I also made sure thatthe firewall is nto a problem. ( It is turned off) I don;t think that making a new identity willhelp because this is happening in more than one profiles in the network. Can anybody help?