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    messed up a start up script



      messed up a start up script


           Help, Running FMPro11.  I wanted to see two windows each with its own layout but no others.  I made a script to do that and set it to be triggered on file open.  What I got was the file opened another window that I didn't want then it ran the script.  I had the bright sad idea of adding a close window script to eliminate the window I didn't want.  Unfortunately, that also triggers closing the file since it is the only one open.  Now I can't get into the data base.  Help!

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               If you had FileMaker Advanced, you can launch fileMaker without openiing your file, enable the script debugger and then you use open from the file menu to open your file. The script then pops up in the debugger and you can cancel it, leaving the file open so that you can fix it.

               Without Advanced, you have to be a bit more creative. Sometimes you can get lucky if you open the file while tapping the user abort keyboard shortcut (Esc in windows, command period in Macs).


               Create a new database file. Create a script in it that uses perform script to perform some other script in your original file other than your start up script. This will open the file without tripping the start up script. If I remember right, it opens in the back ground and you have to pull down the window and select it from the Show sub menu.

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                 OK, the last solution worked.  I also realized that I should just resize the default window that comes up automatically and to add the other window.

                 Thanks for the solution.  Someday I'll be a real FM Pro Pro.

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                   Backing up your database as you develope is very useful and safe.

                   PhilModJunk has created scripts to do this automatically

              Saving Sequential Back Ups During Development
              Title:  Saving Sequential Back Ups During Development

              Post:   Ok, we know we need to save regular back ups during development. FileMaker saves the changes you make automatically, so if you make design changes that you later decide to discard and you want to revert back to an older version, you can't do it unless you have made and kept periodic copies of your file during the development process. Not only should you save a copy frequently, but you should give each back up a new file name each time so your new copy doesn't overwrite any existing back ups. This is so you can refer back to more than just the last save should you need to do so.


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                     I've installed the scripts.  Thanks for the referal