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Meter reading database - Is this possible

Question asked by JamesShallis on Jul 31, 2014
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Meter reading database - Is this possible






     Part of my job role is to use an Excel spreadsheet to update the gas, water and electricity meter readings in the various parts of a large factory each month. This spreadsheet is then turned into a variety of graphs displaying consumption data and monthly comparisons etc. This is then sent on to the customer when they request it with any changes or alterations; this can be a few times a month. - This is how the task is currently undertaken.


     We (our business) was approached by the friend of the director who mentioned that he uses a fantastic piece of software called Filemaker Pro, and it would be perfect for what we do with the meter readings, as it can be combined with the Filemaker Go app, to allow our client to remotely access the data (graphs included). He was commissioned to create the filemaker database.


     This is where it gets interesting, we then informed our client of the software, who agreed to purchase this "service" from us. Our client then purchased the iPod they require for the sky go app and paid us our fee. We then chased up the creator of the database who has now decided that he is too busy and cannot create the database.


     Having now been paid for this job and our clients have purchased an iPad for the sole purpose of it being used for this job., we cannot turn round to our largest client and tell them that after all this we cannot provide them with the service they have paid for - so, I have been asked if this is something I can do.


     I am competent with a spreadsheet, but haven’t played with databases since high-school. Is this even possible?


     What I need to produce is - a filemaker file which can be accessed via filemaker go, to update the meter readings which then produce a graphs which can be accessed remotely via our client.


     Is this possible? If so can someone please at least point me in the right direction, how many tables are required? What relationships? Any walkthroughs or guides that you can recommend?


     All feedback and advice is greatly appreciated.


     Many thanks,