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Methods for generating passwords based on usernames

Question asked by ralvy on May 17, 2009


Methods for generating passwords based on usernames


One thing I've come to see over the years is shareware that has a particular software registration method: when you register your software with the developer and give them a username, they send you a registration key that's tied to your username. When you enter that key into your shareware, you see your name appear as the one to whom the software is licensed. So the software understands that this key is tied to this person's name.


I'm curious if others here have used such a method for their runtime FPMA software distributions, or some other method, other than just sending the user a new registered interface file. I'm curious as to how such developers have done this.


I imagine I need to write a script that uses the username string as a basis, but not only generates a reg key from that string, but that reg key also must be one that fits some formula or another (otherwise the solution won't know that the reg key the user just entered is a "good" one).


Anyone played with this idea before?