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    Methods for trouble shooting Filemaker issues



      Methods for trouble shooting Filemaker issues


           Hi All,

           I'm somewhat new to filemaker but I've developed a fair share of data-driven websites so I understand the concepts that underlie database and application development. 

           I'm having a hard time understanding how to get information while trouble shooting issues.  

           For example - I've created a portal to populate a many-to-many relationships table: Program Products Join

           The portal is on the Programs Layout and has fields from the Products table as well as a field for populating the Join table's product foreign key (Program Products Join) with a Product id

           The layout is successfully populating the Product id data into Program Products Join - I know that because I can see in the Program Products Join layout - but the rest of the products data isn't populating the product fields listed in the portal.

           I've checked my relationships and they seem good: Program Products Join has foreign keys for programs and products these connect to program ID and product ID respectively.

           I've executed similar set ups successfully before and I think I've set it all up the same this time around. Any idea what I'm doing wrong and what you pros would do to trouble shoot the issue?