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Middleword and word seperators

Question asked by keycoachjohn on Oct 18, 2010
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Middleword and word seperators


I've read a few posts on the board about different characters acting as word seperators. 

Using FM10:  My task is to import a long string of words, seperate them into individual fields (8-10) which for 75% of records translate perfectly.  When a hypen has a numeral before and after it, FM treats as one word and all is well with my calc fields.

Within the import file, there are cases where a hypen or space is preceded and/or followed by a letter and FM returns two words.  MD-11, CRJ-700. etc.

Any simple suggestion to my FM calculation to link the "letter hypen number" into one word? Its nestled at the third middleword.  This condition occupies a minority of line items but hand editing the 10,000+ lines in Excel can get error-prone.  Thanks