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    Migrate data from released revision to new revision



      Migrate data from released revision to new revision


      I have a released version which is online and users are creating data.  I am working on a new revision which I modify some layouts and add new layouts.  And I add few fields to some tables.  I will release this new revision later.  How can I migrate all of data on the released version to new revision?

      I try to use import each table one by one.  Looks like it is only one method I can do and it takes a while to migrate tens of tables.  But, the import will not change "Auto-Enter" - "Serial Number" - "Next Value" on the new revision table which I use it as primary key.  It will be trouble when user create new record on the new revision.

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          The good news is: you're asking the right questions, and there are answers. The not-so-good news is it's a fair amount of work. There are 2 overall methods which you'll need:

          1. Separation of Data method. This is an "interface file", with no real data; usually only one (or two) 1-record table, with constants and globals. It has almost all the business logic, scripts, layouts, etc.. It targets a "data file" with the data, calculations, etc.. Both have relationships, but the "data" file has minimal relationships.

          The "interface" file can fairly easily be updated, without importing all the data. The "data" file, on the other hand, still would require the "import" you mentioned. But only when there are structural changes which you could not mirror (exactly) into a non-hosted production "data" file; you should stop the file(s) on FileMaker Server to make structural changes safely.

          2. An "import/update" scripted routine to do as you say, import each table, into a Clone of the development "data" file. You are correct, updating the "next serial number" is critical. There are two methods to do so.

          You will need to learn more about the above; there is information in several threads on this forum, and also at http://www.fmforums.com.

          This is a good start: