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migrating a DB from version 6 to version 12

Question asked by MicheleSatriani on Jan 18, 2013
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migrating a DB from version 6 to version 12


     Hello everyone,

     I have been given the task to migrate a FileMaker application from version 6 (ancient, I know) to version 12, and the database was developed by someone who has left

     I have been able to convert the files, as we have also an old installation of version 8.5, so no problem with regard to that, but what I am struggling with is the web publishing. With version 6, there is an HTML page with a web form, and the following URL is generated (the server name has been edited out):


     Yet, the version 12 guide for Custom Web Publishing with XML ( says that both the "–stylehref" and "–styletype" have been removed, and I do not manage to understand what to use in their place. Is it me being dumb, not having done my homework, or there is no actual hope ?

     Thanks in adv ance