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Migrating Bento's Simple List to FileMaker Pro

Question asked by vedaveda on Aug 3, 2013
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Migrating Bento's Simple List to FileMaker Pro



     Hi everyone,


     I just finished a database made with Bento used for real estate properties. When I heard about the fate of Bento I decided to give FileMaker Pro a try. I used "Bento 4 to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool" to recreate my database into FileMaker Pro with partial success. I had to fiddle and learn new stuff to get it look and work well. I am finding it quite challenging as I am not very database and technical savvy. 


     One thing I found very useful in Bento that I could not recreate in FMP is a "Simple List", a spreadsheet like table I made to keep track of annual tax payments with "year " as primary field (see attached picture). Here is what I would like to have in each record:


     Fields: Year, Amount, Paid/Not Paid (with check box), Payment Date, Transaction #


     It would ideally done with:


     A list with repeatable fields laid out horizontally (as in picture)

     Every year listed vertically.

     Vertically sorted "Ascending" or "Descending" (wish to keep latest year on top)

     Should be searchable according to Year and Paid/Not Paid, Transaction #


     I hope it makes some sense. Is this something that could be done fairly easily?


     I would highly appreciate any input!