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Migrating from Bento to Filemaker

Question asked by EfronHirsch on Nov 11, 2012


Migrating from Bento to Filemaker


     I have a very advanced database in Bento, with approx 15,000 records, numerous files attached to file fields, choice fields, calculatiion fields etc. My libraries interact with other libraries and have gotten my workflow so streamlined that I'm able to work at warp speeds on it. My database is so advanced in Bento that I've basically hit every limit in Bento that there is to hit, so the only way I could build on it is to go to Filemaker.

     I am currently toying with the demo version of Filemaker and trying to import my Bento Libraries into it.

     However, what I haven't been able to figure out how to give my fields the same functionality they had in Bento. How do I do it? is there a tutorial?

     Also, since I have 15,000 records, I don't want to re-attach each file to the file fields, because it will take forever, so am I able to easily migrate to Filemaker with everything attached as I have it in Bento? Or am I stuck in Bento?

     Also wondering if I can get something like Collections in Bento going in Filemaker?

     Would really like to get going in Filemaker and I'm hitting the wall of not being able to make my Bento DB work in Filemaker yet as it does in Bento. I really need to get my Bento DB functional in Filemaker as a starting point to work from. I need help. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm willing to do what it takes to make the migration work.

     I look forward to anyone's reply.