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Migrating from Filemaker 6

Question asked by afterhours on Sep 2, 2011


Migrating from Filemaker 6


hello.  A client has a complex db in fm6.  They are looking to move to fp7 formatting, and we've completed a lot of cleanup of scripts, fieldnames and such.  A dozen or so separate files will all go in as tables in their updated solution.  They have owned FMP7 since it came out, but never used it.  They can buy a copy of FMP8 from a willing seller.   Is there any difference or advantage in using 8 over 7 for their migration from standalone files to one table-based db?  Is the migration assistant sufficient in 7?   These folks are clearly not inclinded to update their systems, and only wish to move from FMP6 (on System 9) to a PowerPC mac running 10.4.

Thoughts are most welcome.  No, they won't be heading toward Intel or Lion any time soon, so that isn't a concern at this time.  'Though in a year or so, they may be so enamoured with OSX that I could convince them to at least adopt 10.5 -- or maybe 10.6 on an early intel Mac.