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Migrating MS Access Files

Question asked by Lenny20135 on Nov 27, 2008
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Migrating MS Access Files


I have a small business and have used MS Access for 10-15 years for managing all my business data.  I'm seriously considering making the move to MAC.  What I'm trying to determine is, what will be involved in transferring these files over to FMP so I can open them on the MAC? I don't want to use any MS products once this change has been made.  From searching this and other forums, I've learned that the  Bento product won't work as it is not a relational database. That's too bad since I could have bought a Bento Family Pak for $99.  Now it looks as if I'll need to buy 2 copies of FMP, which is far more expensive. (I have two work stations that would be networked together.)


I understand that the foundation for a database in Access is the Table.  Queries and Forms are then created based upon these Tables in order to manipulate data and edit data with a GUI.  When making the move to FMP, does it only import the tables in a CSV format, leaving you to recreate all the queries and forms? That would be quite a bit of work.  Or does it recreate the queries and forms in FMP format?  Will I need to start from scratch?


Once all this is done, will FMP merge with iPage to create invoices, etc.?  I'm beginning to understand why businesses find it difficult to make the switch.  Any encouraging comments from you folks?