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mimicking Bento File List in FMPro?

Question asked by DonorTracker on Jan 9, 2009
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mimicking Bento File List in FMPro?


I'm considering a switch from Bento 2 to FMPro.  My database needs are fairly simple and I don't use any of the linking to Address Book and iCal that Bento provides.


But I do need to replicate the functionality of Bento File Lists -- namely, I need to link records to one or more PDF files (stored outside FMPro) and be able to view those PDFs easily in Preview by clicking or double-clicking in FMPro.


Is there a straightforward explanation of the steps needed to do this?  Thanks!


(My current level of understanding is that the link to a PDF has to go into a container field, one link per field, and that the Table holding the container field will be accessed via a Portal window in my principle Table.  I've been watching John Mark Osborne's video tutorials, which are excellent, though numerous.)


Update (much later): TSPenguin has very kindly supplied an illustrated tutorial on how to do this in the Bento forums.