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    Min Date Function



      Min Date Function


      I have created a database to manage events for an AV company. The relationship in questions consists of one event having many components. Each component has a variety of dates, for example, a "Start Date."

      On the "Event Overview", I have a "Major Times and Dates" section, that I would like to show data related to the components. For instance, I would like the "Global Start Date" on the "Event Overview" to show the minimum "Start Date" value from the related components.

      For one reason or another, I am unsuccessful when using the "Min (Components::Start Date )" function.

      I am relatively new to databases and am curious what I am missing. I'm sure you will need more information, please let me know what information you need to help solve this problem.

      Thank you in advance!

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          Make sure that your "Global Start Date" field is a Calculation field (that exists in the Event Overview table) with the Min (Components::Start Date) calculation, with the result set to "Date", and the field's storage options set to "Do not store calculation results..."





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            Got it! I had it setup like that before; however, I overlooked that the calculation was referencing another table occurrence I had assigned for searching the Event Overview Table and, as a result, although my calculation was setup properly and referencing the the correct data, it was referencing the wrong table and driving me nuts as a result.

            Thank you for your answer as it has certainly contributed greatly to my troubleshooting!