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Min Date in related table::field

Question asked by Annette on Jun 29, 2015
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Min Date in related table::field



I have two related tables:

ServiceActivity::WaitUn5 = Un5LWait::Link

Un5LWait is another table occurance of ServiceActivity.  WaitUn5 is a calculation field that returns 1 if criteria is met, 0 if not.  Link is a field that auto enters 1 in every record. There are three other fields/links like this all with different criteria.

My logic behind the link/relationship is I'm trying to find the minimum date in AccDate field where these fields equal each other.

So I created a calculation field called U5LongWait, evaluated from context of ServiceActivity, using field from Un5LWait::AccDate.  When I'm looking at the ServiceActivity Table, it gives me results for the correct records, and they all have the same date.....good.  But, it's not a date found in any of the AccDate fields in any record.  Appears to be a random date....telling me 10/06/0015.  I've tested on only five records so it is easy to see all the data I'm dealing with.  All have proper dates in the AccDate field none mataching the result I get in U5LongWait.  Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.