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Mind Boggling layout editing problem. get this!

Question asked by SamMetrovisionNYC on May 17, 2012
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Mind Boggling layout editing problem. get this!


Hello All.  

Im hoping someone can help me, my network administrator is no where to be found!

I created a database with two layouts. one called company, and one called contacts.   I have full acces priveleges. 

Everything was fine while i waas creating this and working on it on my local hard drive.  But when my network administrator put it on the server, Im getting weird problems.  Again, I have full access priveleges, i checked under the security setting. 

I am able to edit the company layout. but when i switch over to contact side and try and edit that layout. i get a pop up saying.  "Sam" is modyfing this layout. You cannot use this until "Sam" is finished."  what??? I am Sam. 

Any thoughs or ideas, Please please, this is driving me crazy.

Windows 7, Filemaker 11 pro.  I do not know the server. 


Thanks in advance