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MInimal FMP version to publish a database

Question asked by ManuelGonçalves on Apr 9, 2014
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MInimal FMP version to publish a database


     A colleague of mine wants to make available on her site the results of a research project she is conducting when it will be finished. I suggested her to import the data to a Filemaker database and then publish it. 

     She asked me to find out how this could be done and which version of FileMaker she would have to buy. I googled the issue but couldn't find a clear answer.

     According to the manual for FileMaker Pro 12 on FileMaker site, there is an option to publish on the web using FMP Pro or the FMP Advance (Instant web Publishing) , but I couldn't find it on the FMP 13 documentation. Do this mean that on FMP 13 only the Server version can be used?

     So, I'm asking for help from the forum: what is the minimal version of FMP required to publish a database online? Please note that users will be limited to search and view the database.

     Thanks in advance!