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Minimum Internet Speed Requirement For Database Server?

Question asked by CrystalCarlson on Nov 22, 2013
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Minimum Internet Speed Requirement For Database Server?


     Hi there,


     We are running FileMaker Server 11, with 5 client computers running FileMaker Pro 11.


     Occasionally, we work from home, with one computer accessing our server remotely. This computer is also running FileMaker Pro 11. However, we notice that it takes a long time to access the data from the home computer, sometimes taking up to several minutes to look up a client's data. We suspect this is because of our office's very slow internet upload speed (768 kbps).


     Is there a "minimum" recommended internet upload/download speed for a database server location?


     It was also suggested to us to move the database server to our home (where the internet speed is 40/40 Mbps download/upload) but I have several concerns about this, including security concerns plus the cost of upgrading the home's wiring and router. It also concerns me that doing this would make accessing the database from home faster, but if we accessed it from the office, it would be slow, in effect "reversing" our problem. 


     If anyone has any other suggestions/ideas, or some concrete numbers for minimum suggested internet download/upload speeds for a database server, please let me know. Thank you!