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Minor Problems

Question asked by NickLawrence on Sep 23, 2014
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Minor Problems


Hi all (Phil) smiley

FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v4 

I have a couple of minor irritations which I just can't seem to figure out, things were working before but now seem to now want to play ball:

1). The first problem is when I try to create a new relationship between existing tables (that have other relationships set up) I get the following message "There cannot be more than one relational path between any two tables in the graph. Another occurrence of one of the tables must be added to the graph." Which is a bit strange as I've done exactly the same for a different pair of tables without any problems, I even have tables with 3 links, so not sure why I can't do it now?

2). Problem 2 is also a bit strange, I have a portal setup which has auto enter fields based on 2 letter key that is entered in to one of the fields, for some reason one of the keys (PM) doesn't work, I've tried everything deleting it from the corresponding database and re-entering but nothing I do will get that particular pair of letters to return a result. for clarity I'll try to explain the field functions below:

Field one of database 1 is a drop down list that gets its data from field 1 of database 2 depending on what is entered in to field 1, field 2 is then auto-entered as a lookup of field 2 in database 2.

However, when this particular one is chosen from the drop down list, it returns no result in to field 2 all the other ones in the list work fine and if I create a new record in database 2 this works fine too, but if I delete PM from database 2 and re-enter it, it still won't work.


Clear as mud I'm sure, but I would be grateful if someone could point out to me what I am doing wrong.


Many thanks.