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Minute calculation

Question asked by BDH on Oct 28, 2011
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Minute calculation



Dear Sir, We track our sales person via there working time and place. 2 fields are given below:

Field 1: "Area" -- -------- Field 2: "Time"

1. Belmore Rd, Belmore      10:50 AM

2. Belmore Rd, Belmore      11:00 AM

3. Belmore Road, Belmore    11:25 AM

4. Morningside Pde, Sydney  11:30 AM 

5. Morningside Pde, Sydney  11:42 AM

6. Morningside Pde, Sydney  11:52 AM

What we want to do is - Calculate the minutes between one area to another (Although it is same area) e.g. serial 2's time 11:00 AM minus Serial 1's time i.e. 10 minutes in the third field. In excel we can do it easily by = if(Area1=Area2,Time2-Time1,0) and drag it till the end. But in filemaker we can not find anyway to calculate with above row records. Thanks for your kind help. Regards,Tohid.