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Misinformation in FMP Help file regarding Themes

Question asked by careerlauncher on Jul 7, 2012
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Misinformation in FMP Help file regarding Themes


My goal: Copy the Electric theme and make a modified copy of it to use in a solution.

In FMP Advanced v12.x (Mac) Help files, under "Creating custom layout themes (FileMaker Pro Advanced)", Item 1 states that to make a copy of one of the theme files, go to:

Mac OS X: FileMaker Pro Advanced/ FileMaker Pro

However, the path doesn't jive with the installation:

Contents > Resources > Themes > Electric

The other path, Contents > Resources > English.lproj, doesn't have a sub-directory named Themes at all.


So, I'm confused. What is the correct, initial procedure for making a copy of the Electric theme so I can use/access it?

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