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Missing 'Instant Web Publishing' option in FileMaker Pro 12

Question asked by PeterBlack on Apr 30, 2012


Missing 'Instant Web Publishing' option in FileMaker Pro 12


On my MacMini, the option "Instant Web Publishing" does not appear when selecting Sharing under the File menu. Only "FileMaker Network" option appears. 

Yet with the identical setup in every detail (including the theme) on my MacBookPro, I am offered the "Instant Web Publishing" option.

I'm aware of the FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced Release Notes issued 4th April, which advises that IWP will only work wih the Classic theme. Notwithstanding that this is a severe disadvanatge, why does FMPro on my MBP offer the IWP option even though my theme is not 'Classic?'

Yet DESPITE changing to a 'Classic' theme my MacMini set up still refuses to offer me the File / Sharing / IWP option. Help!

This is my first tentative step to setting up web sharing of my databse and I am keen to know of any work around to using my chosen non-classic theme. Is FM likely to address this weakness? 

Please can anyone help?

Thank you

Peter B.