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Missing a huge piece of the puzzle!

Question asked by DannyFoster on Oct 4, 2010
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Missing a huge piece of the puzzle!


Hi Everyone,

After hours of searching I'm begging for some help here. Many years ago I built databases using MySQL and recently I tried to get back into it but I was lost. I decided to try out Filemaker and building the tables and forms has been pretty straight forward. However, I'm not getting the relationships at all!

I have a table called 'people' and a table called 'roles'. I've also got a table called 'assignments' where I would like to give various roles to people and vice versa. I can't figure out how to do it! It seems that this should be very simple.

In my searching I found this link to a document entitled White Paper for FMP Novices. In it is a section called "Record Editing in Portals". This looks exactly like what I want to accomplish. Here is an excerpt:

"How then are you supposed to create portal records? Simple. Create an additional relationship to the table in question. Make it a one-to-one relationship using a global field as the primary key and the existing ID of the related re- cord as the foreign key. Put fields from that relationship on a platform on the layout, along with a New Record button. Attach this button to a script that creates a new record in the related table, grabs the ID number of the new record and inserts it into the new global primary key field. Also put a button over the portal row that sets the global primary key field to that record’s ID number, so that existing portal records may be edited in the fields on the platform. You’ll have to make certain your scripts empty this global field when you change records in the primary table. This is only a few minutes extra work and makes for a far more professional looking interface."

Simple? Yeah right! Is there anyone out there who can point me to a tutorial on how to do this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.