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Missing available files FM9

Question asked by JonathanLittle on Aug 4, 2010


Missing available files FM9


We are running server 9 on a windows xp machine and FMP9 on client OSX 10.4 machines.

Just this week (after years of working smoothly) when going to open remote the name of the server appears but after clicking on it no files appear in the available files windows. In addition when we type the ip and the name of the file into the entry box below it says the file can not be found.

Yet when we use open recent we can access the files absolutely fine. Obviously this means we can access those files recently accessed but not less frequently used ones.

Meanwhile our windows 7 machines are accessing it fine.

The machines with the issue are also in a separate room.

And finally, sometimes the list comes up fine.

Because of the room issue I thought it may be a network issue but the fact our remote users can access with no issue and the databases are available in open recent I am not sure.

Any ideas?