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    missing data



      missing data


      Dear All,

      I am using filemaker Server 9.  I have a database on the server we all in our office are using it. some time when we create a new record after one hour or so the record disappears.

      I will appreciate if anyone know why some time ( not always) new record doesnt save in the database.





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          Thank you for your post.


          When users enter new records, the information is written directly to the database file. There are a few reasons why a record isn't saved.  The most common being the user actually enters data in Find Mode, which will never save a record.


          Infrequently, a file may become damaged.  Usually in this case, no records can be added after a certain point, so this may not apply to you.  However, use the Recover command under the File menu to recover the file.  When finished, open the recovered file and see if there is any trouble adding and saving records.   If all looks well, then remove the old file and rename the recovered file back to the original file name.



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