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Missing data from FMPro 11.0v3

Question asked by sseifert1 on Feb 16, 2011
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Missing data from FMPro 11.0v3


Suddenly I'm having problems with my client database.

I have 3 tables: Clients, Sessions, Appointments. The Sessions Table consists of just 5 fields - Date, Name, Session Notes are the fields included in a portal and it seems that the Date field has been erased in most of the records. I cannot figure out what happened. Those fields are behaviing erratically occasionally as well - Yesterday when I tried to enter text in the 'Session Notes' field, whenever I pressed 'return' all the text disappeared.

I have recovered the file...the data is still missing.

The above has gone on for 1-2 weeks. This morning another seemingly unrelated problem showed up in some of FMPro databases: When I click on a text field, I get an error dialog 'Cannot load main spelling dictionary'. I resolve this by disabling real time spell checking in File Options, but it's a mystery how/why this is happening. I recently updated FMPro, but ran the databases without problems after the upgrade. I'm going to start another discussion about this problem but thought I'd mention it here since it might be related.

Please help. Thanks.