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    Missing data from FMPro 11.0v3



      Missing data from FMPro 11.0v3


      Suddenly I'm having problems with my client database.

      I have 3 tables: Clients, Sessions, Appointments. The Sessions Table consists of just 5 fields - Date, Name, Session Notes are the fields included in a portal and it seems that the Date field has been erased in most of the records. I cannot figure out what happened. Those fields are behaviing erratically occasionally as well - Yesterday when I tried to enter text in the 'Session Notes' field, whenever I pressed 'return' all the text disappeared.

      I have recovered the file...the data is still missing.

      The above has gone on for 1-2 weeks. This morning another seemingly unrelated problem showed up in some of FMPro databases: When I click on a text field, I get an error dialog 'Cannot load main spelling dictionary'. I resolve this by disabling real time spell checking in File Options, but it's a mystery how/why this is happening. I recently updated FMPro, but ran the databases without problems after the upgrade. I'm going to start another discussion about this problem but thought I'd mention it here since it might be related.

      Please help. Thanks.

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           Key Question:

          I tried to enter text in the 'Session Notes' field, whenever I pressed 'return' all the text disappeared.

          Did just the text in the notes field disappear or did the entire portal record?

          If the entire portal record, is there any portal filter set up for your portal? Is so, please post that filter expression.

          Recover can't find and fix every possible form of damage to your file. Do you have any back up copies that predate this problem that you can test to see if you see if it has the same issues? (You can save a clone of such a back up and then import all your data from your current copy.)

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            Just the text disappeared, not the entire record.

            I think I have an old copy of the database. I will do as you suggest and post results.

            Thank you!

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              I uninstalled FM Pro and reinstalled it, including the update.

              I located an old copy of the database in which the data appeared corrected, made a clone of it, and then the headaches continued.

              Because I was not able to import the data from my populated, current database properly. It requires importing table by table. However, in the import dialog, most of the original tables were greyed out and FM gave me option of importing into a new version of the table (for example: Sessions2). I tried that, and then updating my layouts with the new tables, updating the related fields, and somehow my relationships are not working because those records are not showing up in the portals.

              I'm not the best when it comes to relationships, so probably I screwed up there.

              And, it looks like the data in the Date field has been lost forever.

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                When importing, you can write a script that moves from table to table, importing the data and also updating any serial number field's next serial value settings as well.

                When importing records manually, you must first select a layout that refers to the target table into which you want to import records. Then all you have to do is select the source table for your import and use the matching field names option to map the fields correctly...

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                  Thank you - that worked for the importing. I really appreciate all your help.

                  I'm afraid the data from the Date field is gone for good, but at least I have a cleaner database now, less likely to misbehave in the future.

                  I'll turn my attention to the fonts next.

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                    The fonts could be a red herring here. It's only one possible explanation based on the fact that you are using Snow Leopard. Usually, if that's the issue, the field appears blank but actually contains the data and switching fonts can make it visible again.

                    If you've confirmed that the field is empty of data, then you may have had a damaged file or some as yet unidentified process is clearing these fields when you don't want it to.