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Missing dropdown/calendar icons in find mode

Question asked by LeoB on May 12, 2010
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Missing dropdown/calendar icons in find mode


I have a specific search layout for one table.  This file is to be run in kiosk mode so the user will not have access to the toolbar.  The search layout also contains a number of controls that I do not want to put on the actual record layout.  The actual search functions work fine.


Most of the searchable fields displayed on the layout are calendar items or drop down boxes and all fields are set to show the dropdown/calendar icon.


BUT, the icons do not display, only the small square box to the right of the field, until the user clicks into the field.  Then the dropdown/calendar icon appears.


Is there any way to have the icons display when the field is not active?  Otherwise, the fields show an empty square box to the right and the magnifier to the left.


Maybe this is just the way FM works and I can't find anything in Help on this.