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Missing extensions after migrate

Question asked by randy on Mar 11, 2013
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Missing extensions after migrate


     Hello all -

        I originally installed FM Pro 10 on my previous Mac mini, a mid 2007 version.  In October of 2011 I bought a new mini, mid 2011 configuration and migrated my applications over from the old mini.  Now I have discovered that Labels are missing when i try to create a new layout.  Looking at posts in here I discovered that the LabelsUS.flb file is supposed to be inside FileMaker Pro 10-->Extensions-->Labels.  I still have my old mini, so I was able to compare the old and new FM Pro 10 folder contents.

        The following are missing in my extensions folder on my new mini (not migrated over):  (1) Dictionaries folder [14 items]; (2) Labels folder [1 item (LabelsUS.flb)];  (3) Labels (Inactive) folder [12 items];  (4) Web Support folder-->fmiwppf

        All other items seem to be present.  Can i just copy these items over from the old mini via a memory stick and put them into my new mini in the appropirate place(s)?

     Thanks, Randy