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    Missing Field Boundaries



      Missing Field Boundaries


      When in Browse and Find modes the field boundaries have disappeared making it very hard to see where to enter search information.  This has only happened on one of the computers in my office, and i've uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but to no avail.  Any suggestions?  Did the user accidentally change a setting that i'm missing?




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          In layout setup... for a given layout, there's an option "show field frames when record is active".


          In layout mode, click on the field and check Field/Control | Borders...


          The border could be de-selected, set to a color that matches the background, or has a width of zero.

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            For some reason it wont let me get into layout mode.


            Today there's a new problem.  When i type inside one of the fields none of the text shows up until i tab over to the next field...

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              If you haven't opened the file with a password and the password does not permit entering layout mode and you are sure there's no paused script with user abort disabled, you may have a damaged file. That could also explain the second issue you see--especially if it worked before.


              Try recovering your file and see what get's reported. Even if it reports "no problems found" test the recovered copy and see if it now works.


              If the recovery reports a problem or the recovered copy works, replace your file with an undamaged back up copy if at all possible.