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Missing Fields on Bento to FileMaker Conversion

Question asked by GovtLawyer on Feb 3, 2012
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Missing Fields on Bento to FileMaker Conversion


I have a Bento database which is a Contacts/Address Book based database.  I have related iCal data and several added fields; including, a document field in which I have a single photograph for each record, as well as several additional text  and numbers fields.


On converting I am offered the Address Book and he iCal events.  However, neither has the additional fields.  Although, the address book converted file does have some fields beyond what I have in the iMac address Book.  I cannot find the photograph fields or around 5 other fields.  How do I import data which does not fall into the Address Book or iCal files?  Below is a screen shot of the conversion dialogue box.  I do not use iPhoto for the files; they are taken from an iPhone folder on my iMac.  I hope I'm making sense here.