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Missing Fields on Import

Question asked by AnthonyDeming on Dec 27, 2010
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Missing Fields on Import


We have a large amount of information that is currently hosted in WinAudit that I'm trying to convert to FileMaker (because filemaker is so much easier to work with).  At it's base I'm trying to import the information from that database to Filemaker Pro 11.3, and to recreate the tables and views present there, but I keep getting stuck when trying to import.

When I try to import the data the only fields that actually show up in Filemaker are the ones containing numeric data. Every other field shows up as blank. It also seems to be disregarding the first record, which contains the names of the fields, even when "ignore first record" is disabled.

I've tried importing as XML files, as Access databases, and as xls/x files, but none of these get past the initial issue of all the text values being ignored by filemaker, and me having to rename all the fields each time I want to import (I presume I can add to the table, but actually replacing the data or deleting all records doesn't seem to be working).


So I guess I have two issues.

1) I can't get text values to import to Filemaker Pro 11.3.

2) I can't get the field titles to be recognized by Filemaker.

Does anyone have some suggestions for what I can do to fix this?