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Missing Horizontal Grid lines.

Question asked by KingsPawn on Apr 5, 2009
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Missing Horizontal Grid lines.




FM PRO 9 Advanced

Microsoft XP



I have a table view with Horizontal & Vertical Grids turned on.

Some of the Horizontal grid lines are not being displayed although all of the data is.

This is a 3 column Table and if the grid line is missing on column 1 then it is also missing on the other column.

I have looked at all of the features that I can think of to solve this.

Row Heights, Grid Style, Font Size. What am I missing?



| DATA                            |


|DATA                             |

|DATA                             |



 On another note:

Is there someway I can insert a snap shot of my screens when I am having a problem and would like for you to be able to see it? I know there is an Icon on this page to Insert/edit image but I don't know how to answer the questions that it ask.


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