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    Missing importing step



      Missing importing step


      Hi All -

      Wondering if anyone experienced the following: one client will try to import pictures. He is able to direct FM to the shared folder, but it does not ask for the data mapping like normal? The program starts to import and then changes all records foreign key field?

      I am able to go through the importing procedure just fine either on the server or locally. I've uploaded a pic showing the part of import step that is missing.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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          Can you explain that in a bit more detail?

          Is this Import Records with the Folder option?

          Is this in a script or a manual Import initiated by selecting that option from the File menu?

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            Thanks for responding... Yes, this import is done through a script which ask for input:

            Import Records [Sample Pictures; Include all enclosed folders; Picture and movie files; Import only a reference]

            There is a 3 step process that we normally go through in order to complete the import:

            - Folder of Files Import Option

            - Import Field Mapping

            - Import Options

            He is missing the last two and this is where the problem starts... Please let me know if you need more information.

            Thank You!

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              I can't reproduce this. When I make similar settings in a test file, I get the import field mapping and import options dialogs to appear. (Import options will not appear if there are no auto-enter options specified for your table.)