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Missing index

Question asked by pvhaute on Jun 3, 2009
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Missing index




My portal doesn't show any records.


Layout table: 'Inv' - Linked field: 'GLO_Yes' (=global text variable that is always "Yes")

Portal table: 'Auf' - Linked field: 'Inv_flag' (=calculated variable (text) that containes "Yes" or "No" based on the value in other fields of that table)


It seems that the portal doesn't show the records of 'Auf' as i cannot index the 'Inv_flag'-field.

Re-defining the 'Inv_flag'-field to a text field with calculated value (replacing existing values) does not seem to be a solution either as the recalculation isn't triggered appropriately.


This seems to me like a relatively common situation ... isn't there a solution?


Many thanks for your help,