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Missing info in Portal on two posts in a table?

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Jan 24, 2011
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Missing info in Portal on two posts in a table?


Hi all,

I have a table with a form view, where I have a portal to another table. The contents of this secondary table is happily showing up in the each and everyone of the posts of the primary table - exept two posts, where the contents of the secondary table is not visible in the portal.

I also have a button next to the portal, where I can click and open up a form view of the linked secondary table and the current record!

I just realized that two posts are not working, and also not the button! The first of the two posts are an older post that I have had in the table for some time while the second post is newly added.

The relations between the two tables and the matching fields are as far as I can tell correct and matching!

So why does it not work?