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    Missing Labels



      Missing Labels



      I've just started working with FileMaker Pro (v10) and am having problems printing labels.

      I'm using a custom label - one label per row and when I print, it seems to print two labels and then misses the next three and so on. When I look in preview mode all of the labels are shown.

      Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

      Lou Jenkins

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          Have you set up a Label Layout that works properly, a simple Avery Label setup? I would.

          Is the print command set to print ALL records or CURRENT record.  Is there more than one record in the found set? More than one in the database?

          Duplicate the layout and put some simple lines at the top and bottom of the label - or a grey box sent to back.

          Label Layouts can be maddening.

          David Anders
          The Computer Guy, Seattle

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                 I am having this problem as well.  I started a new label (From Scratch, Avery 5202 template not available).  Looks great until I change the margin sizes.  This is a 4 x 6 page.  Any suggestions?