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Missing Records

Question asked by wilz on Jan 19, 2013
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Missing Records


     I have 3 tables in my database.  I wrote some scripts where you create a record in TABLE 1, and the script will then automatically fill in TABLE 2 and 3, then bring your "view" back to Table 1. Each table linked with a common Key

     I had already eneterd 10 records previously, then saved and closed file. Re-opened and Went to table 1, creted a new record, ran my script, returned to Table 1, but could not find the record I just created. (this was working ok before)

     NOT-"Show all"
     In Table 1, I made sure the "show all" records was clicked then went through all of them, but could not find the record (It indicated only 10 records existed).  

     NOT "Not Created"
     I then did a serch it's Key through "quick search" bar, and found the record (and it indicated it found 1 / 10), BUT when I clicked "show all" again I could not find it in the list again.  ALSO the I could find the related records in TABLE 2 and 3, just not in Table 1

     1. Is there some "default" setting that can hide the record? (just wondering if I put it in my script by accident)
     2. Since im still developing the DB, file is stored on dropbox, and I was using a "conflicted copy"... could this be the reason? (Coz Dropbox renamed the file.... could it be that FM didnt "get" this?  Personally I think this was the reason, but just wanna ask about other possibilties.