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    Missing Records



      Missing Records


           I have two FM files, each with hundreds of records.  
           File A has a look up function to file B.

           I accidently severed the link and now there are no records in file A.  I eliminated "Inventory Total 2" from the relationship you see on the attachement.

           While the file, Inventory Total is still 1.1GB, there are no more records.  Additionally, when I try to create a new record, none of my fields appear.

           When I change to The Layout mode, all of the fields say "Table Missing".

           I need to know if I can restore the records.  I need to know what happened.

           Attached is a screen shot of:

           1. Screen Shot of Relationship before incident 



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               Deleting a relationship link does not delete any records from your file. This is why your file remains the same size.

               It can affect, however, how data appears on one or more of your layouts. And calculation fields that compute totals from values in a related table may now be empty until the relationship is restored.


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                 Ok,  I've restored the relationships and I am still having the same problem.  The bright piece is that when I go to Manage Databases and look at tables, it says there are 999 records, which I believe is the correct nu of records.  But, I still cannot see any of them. 

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                   Describe your "missing records". What are you looking at that creates the impression that the records are missing?

                   What layout are you on?

                   When you open that layout in layout mode, do any of the fields show "missing" as their field name?

                   The italics in the Table Occurrence names show that these refer to tables in an external file. Did you make any changes to that external file such as renaming it or moving it to a different location?