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Missing records in find show up in exported file

Question asked by JillianDunic on Nov 21, 2012
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Missing records in find show up in exported file


     I have a layout that includes fields and portals to various tables. When I search for Site 8 + Species X; Site 8 + Species Y; Site 8 + Species Z my search resutls tell me that there are 63 records. All the various fields/information that I have setup in the layout appears complete for these records.

     Then I export the data to an excel sheet, and I end up with 100 rows. An additional 36 records have appeared and most of the important information I need for them is missing. There is some information like pk_PackedID, which I have used to follow back through the database to see if something is broken or actually missing. But I am able to trace the path all the way back and the sample IS from Site 8 and is Species X, even though these records do not show up in found records and this information (Site 8, Species X, ...) does not show up in the exported dataset. So FilemakerPro is seeing this relationship but not giving me all of the information. 

     I have noticed that this has happened from a set of data that I imported recently from a spreadsheet. However, it is not consistent because there are records from that same import that are showing up as complete. 

     Has anyone ever had this happen before? How do I go about fixing this?