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Missing script at login?

Question asked by LeoB on Feb 9, 2010
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Missing script at login?


Just recently whenever logging in to the file I've been working on I get a flash screen with a red X in a circle in the corner and with the FMP10 logo that says:


This script cannot be found or has been deleted.


It only has an OK button, and then lets me enter normally after clicking it.  I have three types of login set up: User, Manager, and Admin.  All have passwords set, and it does it on all three.


I have NO scripts set that are to run at login and I never created any before -- I have no idea of where this came from.


I'd appreciate any pointers as to where I could look to fix this.  I've gone through Custom Menus, all of the Accounts & Privileges settings, and everything else I can think of, but can find nothing that would cause this.